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Genuine wellness includes exercise, but is also highly dependent on eating habits which is a real struggle for many.  To address this need, FITlife offers FITlife Cuisine, freshly prepared gourmet meals to go that support weight loss and maintenance.

Take a look at these troubling facts about the diet crisis in our country:

  • 76 million Americans diet each year
  • 44% of Americans will make dieting their New Year’s resolution, of which 95% will quit their diet within 6 months
  • Americans spend 37 billion dollars a year on diet books, programs, gadgets, and DVDs
  • 92% of people who lose weight with a diet will regain all of the original weight they lost
  • 33% of dieters not only gain back all the weight they lost, but actually gain more than was lost
  • Fewer than 5% of all dieters succeed in losing a significant amount of weight and maintaining that weight loss over a 5-year period

Statistics don’t lie.  Diets run counter to homeostasis or our body’s natural balance.  They ruin our natural chemistry and put us in a state of panic, both physically and emotionally.  Restricting food makes no sense to our brain chemistry, our metabolism, or our body.  Diet failure is not about a lack of willpower or discipline.  Food deprivation physiologically triggers increased hunger for preservation in rebellion against the perceived starvation.   It can be maddening.

Our solution to the madness at FITlife is FITlife Cuisine.  Instead of dieting, we want our clients to eat and enjoy healthy, delicious whole foods to the point of satisfaction.  No deprivation, no hunger.  Eating good food frequently in combination with a personalized training program fuels the metabolism and promotes weight loss.   To help our clients learn about appropriate nutrition and support their efforts, we offer FITlife Cuisine, a full line of freshly prepared, healthy gourmet meals to go.    Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks customized to between 1600 and 1800 calories per day.  Our Cuisine Clients are experiencing improved weight loss and maintenance results in less time and loving every bite along the way.

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