Athletic Training


Championships are won in the off-season. You don’t cut tenths off your 40 with one workout.  It takes smart, disciplined training to make it happen.

The FITLife SPARQ Certified Trainers will combine their favorite programs to improve your Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness, and core strength.  Enhance your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.  You’ll play at a whole new level next season.

SPARQ training programs include some or all of the following modules depending on the type of participants and the type of sports preparation:

  • Overall Athletic Program
  • Off-Season Speed Program
  • Dynamic Warm-up Program
  • Core Strength and Stability Program

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Peak Proformance

Peak Proformance is a day dedicated to athletic fundamentals and the building blocks required to reach the pinnacle of peak sports performance.  The program includes warm-up, stretch, and sports-specific drills for agility, speed, power development, strength, and flexibility.  We’ll entertain all of your questions and coach your student athletes in a positive encouraging environment. Peak Pro’s Staff: Elijah Bishop, Lauren Williford, and Beno Chappell.

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