Commercial Wellness

Commercial Wellness

Executive Wellness

Have a hectic lifestyle?

Feeling more that your fair share of professional stress?

Need more time to take care of yourself?

That’s what FITLife Executive Wellness is all about.

FITLife is dedicated to protecting your most important asset…you.  Executive Wellness is specifically designed to help the busy professional stay healthy, despite a demanding lifestyle. Our programs will increase your energy while helping you to cope with stress.

The terms “wellness” and “fitness” are often interchanged as if they’re synonymous. You can have “fitness” without “wellness,” but the reverse is not true. “Wellness” is a balance of our emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual selves, where “fitness” refers only to the physical component.  A wellness philosophy emphasizes a healthy attitude toward life that benefits all aspects of your life. Our Executive Wellness exercise, nutrition, and stress management programs will have you energized and feeling more productive.

Reach Your Goals by Knowing Exactly Where You Start

Executive Wellness clients begin with a comprehensive wellness assessment to address exercise, nutrition, and stress management needs…all playing a critical role in our preventative approach to wellness.  Executives will engage in the FITlife “Your New Beginning” evaluation and planning process which consists of 5 Steps: “Getting to Know You” initial consultation, MicroFIT Body Composition & Strength evaluation, Metabolic Analysis, “Train for Results” exercise and nutrition program development, and the initial FITlife personal training session.

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Include Wellness in Your Busy Life

Chances are, you have sacrificed your health because you feel like you simply don’t have the time.  With the FITLife Executive Wellness, we understand the obstacles and custom design wellness strategies based on your lifestyle.  FITlife personal trainers will work with your scheduling issues and they can even plan to train at your office or home.  Our ultimate goal is to help you invest your time realistically and efficiently today so that you can keep yourself active and well in the future.

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FITlife Executive Wellness Training Packages


3 Sessions/Week* 2 Sessions/Week* 1 Session/Week*
I Hour Session $50/Session 


$60 Session 


$65 Session 


½ Hour Session $30/Session 






Partner Session $65/Session 






*Pricing assumes monthly Electronic Funds Transfer

No individual training sessions are sold; 3 sessions may be purchased at a time for $195 ($65/Session)

Corporate Wellness

If you are a business owner or manager in a corporation that provides employee health insurance, you need every advantage you can find to manage rising costs.  Utilizing the resources of a qualified personal training organization is your ace in the hole.   By providing wellness opportunities to employees, not only will you better manage insurance premiums, you’ll benefit from a happier, more productive staff.

With the FITlife Corporate Wellness program, we bring our expertise to directly to your organization.  By providing education, goal setting, exercise, and nutrition support, we can produce measureable improvements in your employees’ health and your bottom-line.    FITLife Corporate Fitness Programs are very affordable and can be tailor-made for your business.   Join the ranks of our corporate clients including Brown-Forman, YUM Brands, NTS, Acordia, Humana, and UPS and create a brighter future for both your employees and your business.

FITLife Corporate Wellness Includes:

  • Onsite employee health evaluations, including repeat evaluations to asses results
  • Regular lunch and learn educational sessions covering a broad range of wellness topics
  • The opportunity for nutritional support with delivery of our FITlife Cuisine lunch program
  • Onsite exercise classes or individual training sessions
  • Company exclusive in studio Boot Camps
  • CyberFIT online wellness support
    • Individual Fitness Exercise Programs
    • Registered Dietician Nutrition Programs
    • Unlimited employee management capability
    • Real time feed back by e-mail
    • Online tracking & progress reporting

FITlife Executive Wellness programs are created to accomplish a wide variety of goals among a diverse background of industries.  As a result, our pricing involves individualized quotes following a thorough consultation process.  For more information or to request a free Executive Wellness consultation, contact us at 499-4949.

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