By incorporating one-of-a-kind massage therapy with personal training services, FITlife is providing once unattainable fitness results to people limited by aches, pain, and inflexibility.  New to FITlife in 2011, Body Integration Therapy is the fastest, most effective massage modality to reverse pain by restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system.   Body Integration is provided at FITlife by massage therapist Oleg Krivoshey.  His resume includes providing therapy for Belorussian wresting, rowing and gymnastics Olympians, the German National Track and Field Team, the USA Cycling Masters Association, National Senior Olympics and the competitive bodybuilding, boxing and fitness model community.

Body Integration massage is available at the FITlife Studio by appointment only.  Ask your personal trainer for assistance or contact us directly at 499-4949 for more information.

FITLife Massage Pricing

1 Hour – Body Integration Massage Session $65

“I was living with pain and just chalked it up to getting older.  What a pleasant surprise body integration was.  It wasn’t just relief…it was healing and now I can train in ways I never imagined.”

Dave Zimmerman, Managing Director, ARGI Financial Group


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