Medical Exercise

Drug Dependency Fitness Class: Overcoming Addiction with Exercise

FitLife is now providing a 24-week mental health fitness program for individuals participating in a drug recovery program.  Each week, participants are introduced to a new behavioral component that aids in drug-recovery and brain restoration from addiction, paired with an exercise of the day. We also offer yoga sessions to those individuals that might not be able to partake in activity due to physical limitations, or who simply want to focus on stress-reduction.  Classes are held Thursday nights from 6:30-7:30 PM.  Call 499-4949 for more confidential information.

Medical Fitness Therapy

Medical Fitness Therapy is a diversified pyschomotor and educational approach to help bridge the gap between medical treatment and physical therapy to fitness. The FITlife Fitness Therapy Program can range from pre-habilitation/pre-surgery treatment to a post rehabilitation program that progresses from physical therapy to fitness.  Our Medical Fitness Therapy program can also be developed to help people with a disabling or progressive disease such as MS, Parkinsons Disease, cancer, stroke, head injuries, etc.  A FITlife Fitness Therapist is part of a treatment team that would include physicians, other therapists, and caregivers.  Call 499-4949 for a free consultation regarding Medical Fitness Therapy.

FITlife Medical Fitness Therapy programs include:

  • Prevention of further physical dysfunction;
  • Restoration or maintenance of muscular strength and endurance;
  • Enhancements in range of motion, balance, and stability; and
  • Improvements in functional skills and activities of daily living.

Medical Fitness Therapy Pricing

MFT Assessment $180
MFT Session (30 minutes) $30


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