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Our personal training team is led by FITLife Owner and President, Elijah Bishop, 2010 PFP Top Ten Personal Trainer of the Year.  By combining unsurpassed expertise, highly individualized service, and unwavering attention to specifics, Elijah and his team consistently design exercise and nutrition programs proven to provide 95% accuracy in attainable results.   FITlife personal trainers are distinguished by a deep understanding of sports science, unquestionable passion for wellness, and the ability to conduct meaningful relationships.  Our clients not only succeed, they genuinely enjoy their experience and willingly internalize a commitment to good health.

Because we have such a diverse team of trainers, we guarantee an effective, highly compatible match in terms of personality, skill set, and motivational style.

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What to Expect at Your FITlife Personal Training Sessions:


It’s our goal to make personal training as simple, accessible, and straightforward as possible.  FITlife staff members make convenience a priority when scheduling training sessions, not only in terms of training times, but locations as well.  We offer training at our privately owned studio in the heart of St. Matthews, in your home either with your equipment or ours, at your office, or your personal gym.  We travel throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana and are associated with the Executive Inn, Snap Fitness Gyms, and many golf courses and churches in Kentuckiana.

Maximum Efficiency

Most of our studio clients arrive a few minutes early and begin warming up independently to maximize training time.  If your trainer is wrapping up with another client, someone will be available to assist you if you are unsure of how to use our cardio equipment.  Our goal is to have you exercising the entire time you are with us.  Results come when you are consistently working out for the full amount of time your trainer has planned for you.


One of the things our clients love so much about their FITlife training experience is that no two sessions are ever alike.  We work diligently to ensure that you stay interested and motivated with diverse movements.  We use exercise machines, free weights, kettle bells, exercise and medicine balls, boxing gloves and bags, TRX and Airfit body weight resistance systems, exercise barre, and more.


While highly professional, the FITlife environment is relaxed, friendly, and sincere.  We genuinely get to know our clients as we work and there is a true sense of family between trainers and guests.  The mood, conversation, and general feeling in our studio makes workout time fly.  It may seem hard to believe until you experience it, but people not only enjoy their FITlife experience, they actually begin to enjoy exercise…many for the first time in their lives.  No crowded gyms, no waiting for equipment, and a non- intimidating atmosphere create the perfect setting for your personal success.


Please feel free to use our shower facility before you leave. We provide towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, hair products, blow dryers, and other toiletries that you may have forgotten.  All you need to bring is a clean change of clothes! We also provide drinks and snacks.  Our refrigerator is stocked with flavored and regular waters for you to drink during or after your workouts.  There’s coffee and tea ready if you need a pick-me-up or to warm up in cold weather.  When you’re hungry, we have quality protein bars and FITlife Cuisine sandwiches available for a nominal fee.

Depending on your physical needs, your personal goals, and your budget, FITlife individual personal training can be structured in 60 or 30 minutes sessions between 1 and 3 times per week.  We also offer 60 minute partner sessions between 1 and 3 times per week.  Partner sessions typically include friends, family members, or spouses.  We can even match you with a workout partner and watch your results flourish as well as your relationship. Partner sessions are a great alternative for people who may want to increase their overall fitness while watching their budget.

FITlife Personal Training Packages

3 Sessions/Week* 2 Sessions/Week* 1 Session/Week*
I Hour Session $50/Session


$60 Session


$65 Session


½ Hour Session $30/Session






Partner Session $65/Session






*Pricing assumes monthly Electronic Funds Transfer

No individual training sessions are sold; 3 sessions may be purchased at a time for $195 ($65/Session)

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