"Your New Beginning" Program

“Getting to Know You” Consultation

Your FITlife journey begins with a thorough consultation process.  Prior to your initial consult, we ask that you complete a comprehensive and confidential questionnaire including information about your medical background, fitness and nutrition history, personal wellness challenges, social patterns, and goals and objectives.  You and a FITlife professional will review and discuss this information in order to design a personalized program to facilitate your accomplishments.  The entire consultation process requires about an hour…perhaps the healthiest hour of your life!


MicroFIT Body Composition and Strength Evaluation

Included in your “Getting to Know You” consultation is our MicroFIT Evaluation, a $15,000 computer-driven process that assesses your fitness level based on 10 Key Indicators.  These Key Indicators play a pivotal role in the development of customized training programs for each individual client.  MicroFIT can be purchased as a standalone evaluation.

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Custom Metabolic Analysis

In addition to MicroFIT results, you will receive a body type analysis as part of “Your New Beginning” to determine how your specific metabolism works.  There are three distinct metabolic body types:

  1. Ectomorph: A thin person with a lean physique and light musculature;
  2. Endomorph: A heavyset person with a predominantly round and soft physique; and
  3. Mesomorph: A person whose physique features powerful musculature.

Different body types and/or combination body types respond well to certain kinds of exercise that are not beneficial to other body types.  Our goal at FITlife is to provide training that will not only produce results, but achieve them in the most efficient, effective manner possible.


Exclusive “Train for Results” Program Management

The FITlife “Train for Results” program is a detailed individual goals program included in “Your New Beginnning.”  It is designed by our professional trainers and nutritionist based on conclusions drawn from your initial consultation and MicroFIT Evaluation results.  This highly personalized program becomes the foundation for your entire training process.  Incuded in “Train for Results” is your very first personal training session to familiarize you with your fitness and nutrition recommendations as well as kick-off your exercise process.

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“Your New Beginning” Pricing

  Per Individual* For Partners*
Your New Beginning,Including MicroFIT $250 $500
Standalone MicroFIT Evaluation $175 $250


* With 3 sessions per week paid one month in advance, “Your New Beginning” individual price is reduced to $150 and partner price to $250; MicroFIT Evaluation individual price is reduced to $100 and partner price to $175.

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