Weight Loss

“I don’t even have words to describe how much FITlife has changed my life.  My relationship with my trainer began because my knee was hurting and I knew I was asking too much of my bones by carrying extra weight.  I also had high blood pressure for the first time in my life and wanted to avoid taking pills if I could improve my health with a lifestyle change.

Since starting with FITlife, I have lost 60 pounds and feel better than I thought possible. I have amazing energy, my blood pressure is back in the healthy zone, and I am so much happier.  I came to FITlife for health reasons, but I love the side effect of looking 15 years younger. People don’t recognize me if they haven’t seen me for a while and that makes me smile.  More than once, I have been told that I have turned back the clock.

I knew it would be helpful to have a personal trainer so I would be accountable to someone in addition to myself.  More than that, I have someone who is my biggest supporter and a great friend.  We are in this together and I never feel judged.  I look forward to working out and seeing what new ideas he will have each session. The variety is amazing, fun, and challenging.

FITlife is about dynamic people working to offer positive change.   The atmosphere is energetic, supportive, and committed.  I recommend it often! I know hiring a personal training involves a time and monetary commitment.  It is absolutely worth it.   The cost is nothing compared to the results.  I just let people know how important FITlife is to me and they also see the difference.  FITlife is my salvation for better living.”

Marilyn Werst, Artist

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Muscle Tone

I am almost 40 and probably in the best shape I have ever been.  I feel great and look great.  In just 5 months, I have lost almost 30lbs, 5 inches in my waist, and completely remodeled my body shape and muscle tone.  Just amazing…which is what people say when they see me now.

I have worked with several trainer companies and FITlife is the only one that has listened to what I wanted to accomplish then set out a reasonable, achievable plan to get there.  It’s extremely positive and supportive.  If you truly are ready to change your lifestyle for the better, FITlife is the place that can make it happen.

Jim Watkins, Vice President/CRA Compliance Officer, PBI Bank

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“I did some research on the Internet and was quickly drawn to FITlife.  Their personalized, whole-body, approach including a comprehensive quantitative evaluation seemed to fit me perfectly.   When they explained that I could train right down the street from where I lived, at one of the new Snap centers, I was sold.  It’s such an important and unique plus.  Having my trainer come to my local gym made it easy to adopt a 3x/week training regimen that has now become a central part of my routine.

I went in for my initial FITlife evaluation almost 3 years ago and my life has not been the same since.   It was the best decision of my life…other than marrying my dear wife of 33 years.  My outlook on exercise and overall mood has brightened tremendously.  It’s obvious to me that my FITlife trainer is extremely knowledgeable.   She is so creative and imaginative, so that every session is different, but always oriented toward my goals.   I have complete trust in what they ask me to do and know I will make progress.  She has really come to know my strengths and limitations so that our sessions are ideally suited to my specific goals and abilities.  We have genuinely become good friends and it enhances my training process a great deal.

I am a lot stronger, much more fit, and feel great knowing that my trainer and I are doing everything possible to combat the physical, medical, and mental effects of aging.   It is increasingly obvious that at my age, actually at any age, this process is a lifesaver.  FITlife has changed my life for the better in countless ways.”

Dr. Fred Wightman, Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences, UofL

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Strength Gains

“This is not just a job for my FITlife trainer.  He’s genuinely engaged in helping me improve at every session.  We push it to the limit and yet, it such a fun hour.   After two years, I am still sore the next day because my trainer is a genius at hitting the muscle groups at different angles.  I exceed my previous workouts almost every time.    We have had sessions that absolutely amaze me regarding rep counts and weight lifted.   The results have far surpassed my expectations.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made.

I am working out consistently and productively despite the fact that I have a gimpy left knee and tender right shoulder.  Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, my trainer tailors my workouts to get the maximum affect without damaging either of these physical issues.  And, we while still push the limits.  He has an attitude that, “If you are not moving forward, you are backing up.”  I love that.  My kids are even impressed at how their almost 60-year old Dad looks!  I’ve turned back the clock 10 to 15 years!  If you want a life-changing experience, join FITlife and let the good times roll!”

Rick Sparrow, President, Lathrop-Trotter Company

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More Endurance

“I would highly recommend FITlife to anyone who is considering a fitness, weight loss, or endurance program.  I was initially reluctant to try a personal trainer.  My left hip and leg were lost to cancer over twenty years ago, and I haven’t been on a regular exercise program since then.  However, I searched online and found that FITlife offered services for people with disabilities and physical rehabilitation issues.   I started with a thorough evaluation, then my trainer created a customized exercise and diet program for me, and we got to work. The facility is clean, modern, and uncrowded.  All the trainers are cheerful and encouraging. It’s been six months since I started with FITlife, and I’m very pleased with the results. To date, I’ve lost 21 pounds and over 20% body fat.  According to the FITlife program, I’ve actually lost 32 pounds of fat and put on 11 pounds of lean muscle.  We changed my total body composition and my newfound endurance is wonderful.  My trainer is very creative.  He understands how the human body works and puts together exercise routines that challenge me.  He varies the workouts regularly so that it never gets repetitious or boring. I plan to continue using FITlife and would encourage anyone who has a physical challenge preventing them from getting in shape to give them a try.  FITlife focuses on what you can do, not what you can’t do.”

Landon Laws

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Athletic Training

I have been doing some sort of resistance training for almost 25 years dating back to high school.  In that time, I’ve managed a gym and been a trainer, as well as a competitive bodybuilder.  I have been around numerous personal trainers and have many good friends that are currently personal trainers.  In my opinion FITlife is the most complete personal training resource I’ve been around. They have more than just a general knowledge of both nutrition and exercises.  They understand the coordination between both and understand how to maximize results through the combination of nutrition and exercise.  Trainers also need to know how to communicate.  They need to listen to their clients to help them achieve their goals be able to teach proper form and techniques.  My trainer presents information and technique very well. He asks questions to ensure an understanding of the exercise and expectations associated with it. His attention to detail is really what separates him from others in this area.  Subtle changes in grip, foot placement, and thumb position can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an exercise.  He makes sure you do it right in order to maximize results as well as safety.  At age 41, I have been getting what I feel to be above average results, even if I were still 25.  I have referred several of my friends to FITlife and they have been equally impressed.  They are a quality group producing quality results.

Roger Bowen, Outside Sales Representative, SITEX Corporation

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Increased Energy

I have always known that exercise is a great way to increase your energy level and have done a pretty good job incorporating it into my life over the years.   I’m not sure when it happened, but busy schedules and menopause snuck up on me. With it came weight gain, lack of energy, and low interest in exercising…until I found FITlife.   They have provided the structure I need and my trainer has a passion for her job that has certainly helped with my motivation.   The benefits of working out at FITlife have been many – overall better health, improved sleep, more energy, and reduced stress, as well as a better understanding of smart eating habits.   I really look forward to the sessions and I can actually see the progress I’ve made with increased weights, better fitting clothes, smart food choices, and increased energy.

Amy Wisotsky, Human Resources Global Production, Brown-Forman

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Greater Flexibility

After completing physical therapy for a total hip replacement, I still needed to increase my strength and flexibility to resume an active lifestyle.  My PT highly recommended I begin a personal training relationship at Fitlife, so I took his advice.  My new FITlife trainer used her in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology to tailor an exercise program that has enabled me to regain my strength, flexibility, and stamina without fear of re-injury.  She keeps my workout routine interesting by constantly varying the exercises we do.  Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her ability to safely push me to achieve my goals without exceeding my personal or physical limits makes my training sessions challenging, fun, and effective.   FITlife has such a friendly atmosphere and the staff excels at tailored exercise guidance.  I’ve had a great experience and recommend FITlife to my friends and family.

Carol Bell

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