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The “Train for Results” program is exclusive to FITlife personal training.  It’s a detailed individual goals program designed by our professional trainers and nutritionist based upon your medical background, fitness and nutrition history, personal wellness challenges, social patterns, goals and objectives, and MicroFIT results.   “Train for Results” is an innovative tool that has evolved out of our 25 year history combined with cutting edge fitness industry research.  It represents a culmination of various health and fitness assessment tools that address the entire wellness spectrum. This highly personalized program becomes the foundation for your training process based on the establishment of SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) guiding you toward the attainment of desired physical milestones.

FITlife brings “Train for Results” to life for clients in the form of a customized booklet and an informational CD.  The CD covers topics like fitness misconceptions, understanding nutrition labels, healthy recipes, and more.  The booklet is a working document that contains four specific sections:

  • Personal Goals
  • Metabolic Analysis
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Fitness Training

As you progress each week, you and your trainer will modify the contents of the “Train for Results” booklet reflecting your experiences.  As you, your body, and your fitness level change, your personal trainer will continually update your program to ensure you are on track to meet whatever goals you are working to achieve.  One of our clients described the impact of their “Train for Results” book with the comment, “As my book got bigger, I got smaller!”

Personal Goals

The first section of your “Train for Results” booklet is all about you and what you expect from your FITlife experience!  It outlines your MicroFIT baselines, body measurements, weight loss readiness, and individual wellness needs.  The personal goals section of your booklet is highly results driven.   Through the application of SMART goals, you will have Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely directions to follow to achieve your objectives based on a mutually agreed upon timeline.  It’s a straightforward and scientific process, but not a simple pursuit…when challenges present themselves, FITlife is your dedicated resource for solutions, motivation, and enthusiastic support.

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Metabolic Analysis

This segment of the “Train for Results” booklet begins with a detailed description of your specific body type in addition to an overview of body types so you can see where your body fit into the fitness spectrum.  Your metabolic analysis will answer many questions you have about how and why your body processes the food you eat.   It also explains how exercise affects your body. There are three distinct metabolic body types:

  1. Ectomorph: A thin person with a lean physique and light musculature;
  2. Endomorph: A heavyset person with a predominantly round and soft physique; and
  3. Mesomorph: A person whose physique features powerful musculature.

Different body types and/or combination body types respond well to certain kinds of exercise and nutrition that are not beneficial to other body types.  Our goal at FITlife is to provide training that will not only produce results, but achieve them in the most efficient, effective manner possible.  Understanding your metabolism is key to reaching your goals.


The third component of your “Train for Results” booklet is nutrition based.  You will have a food log, list of grocery suggestions, general guide for making food choices, and a specific list of food suggestions specific to your body type.  The primary focus of the nutrition section is a 7-day menu designed by our registered, licensed, Master’s Degreed Dietician.  Meals and snacks are interchangeable and you can enjoy eating out without reservation.  No specialty powders, supplements, or shakes…just real food, real choices, and real results!

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Fitness Training

A comprehensive exercise plan will be outlined in the Fitness Training section of your “Train for Results” booklet.  It will include detailed information about the exercise you’ll engage in with your FITLife personal trainer, as well as the workout program he or she will develop for use at your gym or your home.  An exercise log is included to help monitor your workouts.  Of course, your exercise strategies will be regularly updated as you achieve defined milestones in your FITlife journey.

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“Train for Results” truly differentiates FITlife in the personal training industry. It plays an important role in our “Your New Beginnings” program and provides clients with the edge they need to succeed.

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“I am almost 40 and probably in the best shape of my life.  I feel great and look great.  In just 5 months, I have lost almost 30 pounds and 5 inches in my waist.  At FITlife, they listen and set out a reasonable, achievable plan to get results.  It’s extremely supportive and positive.  If you are truly ready to change your lifestyle for the better, FITlife is the place that can make it happen.”

Jim Watkins, VP/CRA Compliance Officer, PBI Bank

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